Ryan Ann Wyrosdick

I’m asking for prayers for my family that has been dealing with a horrible situation with our rental house that has is full of mold and other dangers and has made my family very sick. The company has been covering up the problems and lying to us. We found out the truth after the two hurricanes that hit and FEMA came out. We’re trying to get into a new house and met with a lawyer yesterday. I’m praying that we get into this new rental and that the attorney can help us. My family has been so sick and it’s been destroying our lives in every way. I feel overwhelmed and very badly about myself as a mother for not being able to get my family out of this nightmare. We have to start all over and leave our belongings behind as well. Everything we own in this world is here. This is so scary and sad. We’ve felt so alone and like we have nobody. I feel kicked down when I try to talk about it because I’m overwhelmed and just need someone to encourage and not make me feel worse. It’s the most helpless feeling I’ve probably ever felt and I’ve definitely struggled ever since I was a little girl with having these kind of feelings for most of my life. Watching my husband and our kids feeling so horrible and me being so sick and not able to force myself to do the simple things that I’ve always done without any problems is breaking me. I love my family and would do anything for them. I always promised that I would protect them and do whatever I have to and make sure our 5 kids are always taken care of, loved, feel wanted, supported, and know I’m their biggest cheerleader. That I’ll always keep them safe, but I’m not able to do that right now. I feel like a failure and unworthy of these amazing kids. This isn’t me, it’s not us and we didn’t do anything wrong, but the guilt is painfully overwhelming nonetheless. We really need prayers and spiritual support. I’m also worried about our oldest son and daughter in law who are both active duty in the Army. With everything going on in the world and them being stationed in Alaska, I’m constantly scared and can’t shut my mind off. We haven’t seen them in over a year and that’s so hard too. A lot of people don’t get it or understand any of these things we’re going through. I try to act like I’m fine and don’t talk much about what I’m really feeling inside and it’s eating at me alive. I smile and try to laugh things off or act like some hurtful things don’t both me, but it’s a coping mechanism so I don’t fall apart. I’m asking for prayers for strength, courage, answers, health, self esteem, a fresh start, that my uncle who is sick will get the miracle he needs because we need him and for my family to get better, be safe and happy and get their mom, dad and the lives that they deserve back. Thank you so much.🙏🏼