thank you for everything that you have showered and given us ST Jude. plea pray for my son Romer.Please pray for our appeal for his grades in maths for his predicted grades be change into a A so that he will be able to apply to the university that he wants.Pls touch the heart of his teachers mr hall,mr downing ,mr weight and mr planks i to give us a chance to have this grade. there are so many trials but I belive in your miracle and grace ST Jude.My sons career depends on this grade.he has been through a lot with his man and grandad who passed away in which he has not seen his dad who is unwell with cancer and now while we wait for our appeal. i beg you with all my heart that pls give him a chance. as Jesus said knowcked and it shall open ask and thy shall recieve. i have no control on things now for my aon and I am hurting inside seeing him everyday worrying if the teacher will give him A in maths as predicted grade.I have seen him study so hard for his A levels exam but Lord pls give him a chance for his predicted grade. i also ask for yur guidance in my desseration that I paa this. this is my last chance and I have done everything what my teacher is asking me to do.I have my last module and I lift everything to you .We are hoping for miracles and mercy. I belive in you St Jude patron of desperate and hopeless people. Pls ST Jude have mercy on us. Amen.Thnak you for all the answered pray.