Dear St Jude, Anthony. and Rita, thank you for hearing my humble prayers. Please help me to get experience so that I could be more employable. And to make a successful complaint against the federal office for the constantly keeping me in the dark. Help me to get experience so that I can be hired. And to work in a good well paying job, so that I won’t have leave my apartment. Bless our family our parents, who have passed away, and friends. Help me to have connections to the office, so I could know if there ‘s an opening. This couldn’t happen at a worse time. I need money so desperately. I’m in such debt, I still owe for my dental work that was done earlier this year. And credit card balance I’m paying off. I’m on social security for a disabled left foot and a left hand that is weak. Answer everyone’s prayers on this website, and everyone that feels helpless and hopeless, lonely and sick. Help me to know where I can complain about this office. Amen