Dear St Jude, St Anthony of Padua, and St Rita of Cascia, Bless all those here who post their petitions on this website. Bless my dead mother, father and all who we knew, as well the people pray to you wherever they are. I wish that girl at the office would leave me alone. I need to volunteer there, and there are others in that office that are much kinder than she. Let her pay for the misery she has caused me. Thank you for the wonderful people at my college , where I’m accepted with friendship and kindness. This has caused me much pain. Please put a stop to this. Help me in all my debts, save me from losing my apartment secure me financially, don’t let me have to repay $1075. Help me to get job experience and rental hardship help. I wish I could get work using my web design and other computer skills. Bless all these wonderful people here. God bless them, thank you for all my blessings Amen