Restore Our Friendship

Dear St. Jude. Please bless me and my friend better understanding, and better communication. I don’t know why things just turned out from 1000 to 0 between us. Like from friends to strangers. We didn’t even argue the last time we talked. I do not know if the jokes we were exchanging with each other offended him that’s why he disappeared on me. I really didn’t want to just throw our friendship away like that. Please help restore our friendship and allow us to build a healthy friendship and not some sort of inappropriate friendship. I care for him so much maybe because I invested so much on this friendship already. If this is God’s will for our friendship to end, I know I have to accept this and move on. Please help me move on and accept things that our time is over. Please don’t let me wait that long if God doesn’t allow this friendship. I know we have a traumatic past and have our own relationships now that makes it difficult to maintain our friendship. I just want to know the reason why it has to end. It just feels like there’s so much misunderstandings that were never talked about and it’s so disappointing. If God is also okay with us to continue to have each other in our lives, please help both of us. Please remove all the blockages in our friendship. Please give me a good news. I’ve been waiting for more than two weeks now. I am losing hope. Please grant the communication that I have been waiting for so long. I really value our friendship and didn’t want to throw it away that easy. I have lost so many close friends whom I thought will be there for me when I need them. I can only count with my five fingers people whom I have deep connections with. I opened my heart so much for this special friends of mine and invested my time. I didn’t get anything in return and I made a huge mistake for not setting boundaries for myself. Please restore my friendship with M. Help us make this friendship right. If it’s not God’s will for us to communicate again, please let me know in my heart that it’s done and there’s no hope on this dead friendship to live anymore. Please give me a sign that it is over. That both of us will not communicate again. I feel so stubborn and lost. Please help me. It really hurts to be ghosted. I don’t know what I did. I may not know the reasons why but I am trying my best to keep the faith that God knows what’s best for us. Please hear my prayers and everything that is in my heart. Please help restore our friendship and please keep my friend safe and healthy always. Please tell him to talk to me one last time if this means goodbye. I really thought we can have a healthy friendship. Please give me hope. Amen.