Reconciliation and Healing

Please heal my broken relationships. With my brother that he will come to his senses and not isolate himself to our family. He has so much grudges and hatred in his heart that he’s not in good terms to us his siblings. He has changed so much ever since he married his wife who hasn’t been a good influence to him. He’s completely a different person now and he’s not the same brother as he used to be to us. I’m so hurt for all the hurtful things he said to me but I tried my best not to tell him all the things his wife has done to me because I know it will not do any good. I lift everything all up to you God to please talk to my brother and change his heart to be better. I also pray for my special friend M. I really don’t know if I should call him a friend because he’s left me. He left without a word, not thinking about what I would feel. He restricted me from contacting him and I don’t know what I have done or what I have failed to do. I don’t know if it’s God’s will that M will continue to be a part of my life. I don’t know if I am praying for a wrong thing. Right now, he disappeared from my life for more than a month and I don’t know what just happened. I didn’t see it coming and has totally caught me off guard. I really thought we were trying to build a healthy friendship, but things all went down the drain. All I wanted was an honest and real friendship but it seems like I cannot get this. I pray that we will reconcile soon and he will apologize for all the things he put me through. I wish my heart is not soft like this that I have to pray for him to come back even though his actions are showing that he doesn’t really care about me and that he doesn’t value and respect me. I don’t know why until now I still hope for us to reconcile and be good friends. There are so much unresolved issues and his current ghosting made things worse that made him unreliable and untrustworthy. I don’t know what i am praying anymore. I feel so lost and alone. He hurt me so many times. Please take all the pain in my heart and bring me peace. I’ve been hoping and praying for our reconciliation before its too late and not a lot of time will pass. Please bless the hearts of all the people who hurt me and to those people whom I hurt too, I pray for their forgiveness. I pray that God will soften their hearts and come back to me for reconciliation and better communication. With better understanding and better relationship. Please forgive me if I did something wrong again for trying to reach out to him. I really miss him because I’ve opened my heart to him and he doesn’t seem to care. I always treasure our friendship that’s why I’ve been following through many times. It seems like God doesn’t want him to come back anymore because if it’s God’s will it will happen. I pray that M will be more open to me and that he will stop judging me that’s why he cannot trust me. Being in a one sided friendship is mentally and physically exhausting. I lift everything to you God. I really don’t know how I can trust M. I want to trust him but he’s lacking efforts and there seems to be a blockage between us. Please let your will be done in all my relationships and everything that is happening in my life. Amen.