Please restore my faith, hope, and belief.
Please guide me back to look forward to life and to finding joy.
Please restore my health and mental health because I am trying so hard.
Please keep me out of financial difficulty.
Please give me the will to continue with my work and to stand my ground facing the knocks while I study.
Please protect my family, friends, and loved ones, and grant them blessings, health, joy, and peace; please guide them too and hear their petitions, take away their worries and concerns.
Please restore love, communication, trust, intimacy, and honesty in my relationship with D so that we can live the life we both desire and deserve, have a family and a future together. Please bring him back to me.
St Jude, St Anthony, St Padre Pio, St Theresa, St Brigid please help me. I am tired from all of these relentless obstacles and I am despairing. I don’t know where to turn.
Thank you.