read and pray

God, please help me, make a miracle in my prayers, because I want to achieve my dreams on time. I’m experiencing slow progress in my life, and now is the right time that I trust if your favor comes to me Lord, please give me an enormous turn in my life, please have mercy on me! Also, please pray for the lot and home to be reserved in my sooner because I want to buy that house and lot, Balagtas Street. May the Lord Jesus, our Heavenly Father, grant every request we make in the prayer circle according to his will. Please keep my elderly grandmother in your thoughts and prayers as she suffers from a bone fracture and will be able to return to her hometown parish and church sooner than expected, as her medical surgery has been tentatively scheduled for January and February 2024. May the Blessed Mother help her and us. Lord Jesus, please answer my prayers with a miracle; I praise your name, Son of God; please hear me and us. I believe in you, God; please help me in achieving my aspirations with you! I have a desire to finish this; show mercy on me! I also beg God to give up wounding me with all of my life’s challenges; please listen to us, Lord! My prayer is entirely centered on you! I beseech you, Lord, please make things easy for me. I pray also for my family to have a sense of peace and understanding in their son, and to make their decision right for each other. Please help me in praying for my engineering board examination to be successfully passed. I also pray that all I master in my review materials will be visible on my board examination. Also, ask God for me to correctly answer the questions on the examination, so that I may take in and pass it just once since it’s a pity to my parents as well as everyone who has helped me financially. Also, please pray for me that the spirit of diligence and an eagerness to study more will continue to dwell with me and that the powerful power of God will be with me. Please continue to request prayers each day for me. Lord God, thank you for your compassion and mercy. Please forgive me, Father, for what I’ve committed over and over again. Ask God for FORGIVENESS for my sins, safety from potential threats, and protection from competitors. Please also pray for my psychological health and the wellness of my family. My personal goals are to become an engineer and pass my board examinations on February 20, 21, and 22 2024, all while providing for the health and happiness of my relatives. Please PRAY the rosary for me every day. “For nothing will be impossible with God.” – Luke 1:37, Philippines I’ll make my claim right now! In the name of Jesus, Son of God, I announce to myself that all of my hardships and sufferings will be gone and that I will be successful in the future; I declare today, in the name of Jesus Christ, that ”ALL OF MY PRAYERS WILL COME TRUE AND BE FULFILLED BY HIS WILL!” AMEN