Dear blessed St Jude,

please let the girl who gives me free
exercise class pass her Law exam.

She felt sorry for me when i told her i cannot afford her class – my husband is an advanced cancer patient she told me i do not have to pay for her classes.

it is very rare that people give anything willingly to me – my mom, my current husband are the 2 people who have been kind and giving to me – ( of course lord you are above humans so not mentioning here)

It is her exam time now and i have promised to pray for her to pass in good top marks for the law exam .

My dear St Jude, please I pray to you to make the hardworking girl pass her exams with top marks. Bless her with good health and good luck for her good and kind heart . please reward her lord. she is like a daughter to me
Thank you for all your favours to her my dear St Jude, amen