Prayers Please

Dear St. Jude and fellow faithful intercessors, please help pray for me. Please take away the pain and discomfort I am feeling in my body. Please do not let me have cancer or any serious illness. I am feeling sore on my left side of my body and I am scared why. Please heal my body. Take away all the pain and discomfort. Please do not let me have cancer or any serious illness. I have little children who needs me. I humbly ask for this prayers to be granted that I may live long and healthy for my children and be able to raise them well as how God created them to be. I prayed so hard for my children and God gave them to me. Please allow me to be healthy and bless me with grace of strength, wisdom, courage and knowledge in raising my children. Please bless me with everything that I will need. I hope you can grant my prayers. I also pray for my broken heart because a special friend of mine stopped talking to me since January. I do not know what I have done, what I have said, or what I have failed to do that’s why he disappeared from my life suddenly. I’ve been trying to reach out to him and he is ignoring me on purpose and it’s hurting me so much why he would to such thing to me. I’ve treated him as a very close friend of mine. But it seems like he misjudged me, took everything I did for him for treating him special against me. I really don’t understand why he suddenly left. He never said a word as well as he kept all his feelings to himself. Please help me heal from this pain. I feel so disrespected and undervalued as a person. He’s been giving me anxiety for months now. And has been emotionally abusive because of his passive aggressive behavior of silent treatment. Please help me. All I want was for us to have a better friendship. Maybe I am crossing boundaries unknowingly or I am doing things that are not good for me. Please help me heal. I expected too much from him and put him on a pedestal. I was too invested and he was not. Please let me know what I should do. Please show me the answers to my questions why did he just disappeared. Was the closure his disappearance? I really thought we can build a healthy and happy friendship if I treat him special, if I open up myself to him, if I include him in my life and share things with him and make him part of my life, i really thought by trusting him he will treat me right and would treat me the same as I treat him. I’ve always respected him and never did I ignore him by cutting all communication. I was hoping he’d be honest with me about his feelings if he was mad, upset, etc. instead of shutting down. He just stopped communicating and it really hurts. Please help me from this pain. Amen.