prayers for son

Holy St Jude, please intervene and take my prayers to Jesus, Father God, Holy Mary and ask them to fulfil this desire favor for my son which I have been asking for the past 6 years. By now the heaven should be tired of my novenas prayers petitions intentions for my son repeating like a parrot day and night. Break open the doors of the med schl and make the acceptance for MD come through supernaturally miraculously today! Let the int on fri also be successful. Bless my son with MD acceptance, seat admission today and fulfil this favor for which I have been praying faithfully dedicatedly every breath of my life. Also make my son come back to faith as I know it is very hard for a very young person to lose faith when there is no favor grace coming from God. He has been faithful since he is a child and now because God has not shown any mercy and grace, he has turned away and I do not blame him. It is you God Father that you should bring him back to faith. Bless with this miracle favor grace for him, release it today! Reward him for his faithful service and worship to you. In Jesus name, Amen Heal his knee and scalp. Healing comes from you Jesus and for all. So he deserves healing, favor of acceptance from RF today, Bless, give and let this come to pass today! Amen