Prayer Circle

Prayer Circle

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Post your prayer or thanksgiving below to receive prayer and encouragement from our National Shrine of St. Jude community. When you post below your name and your prayer will be publicly viewable on this webpage.

Or if you prefer, send your private intentions to the altar of St. Jude at the National Shrine
where they will be prayed for by the Claretians.

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March 4, 2020 Comments Off on E

Thank you for getting Greg a job. thanks


March 4, 2020 Comments Off on e

Please pray for all in the prayer circle and that they find a cure for cancer and the coronavirus And I could use a miracle too Keep believing and praying to St Jude He really does listen

Susan Jefferson

March 4, 2020 Comments Off on Susan Jefferson

Prayers for healing of my kidneys so I don’t have to start dialysis.

Cecilia Armendariz

March 4, 2020 Comments Off on Cecilia Armendariz

My Heavenly Father I come to you with a humble heart to Thank you for all the times you have carried me through tuff times Niw I ask that your healing hand touch the lives of all who are suffering I pray for all the impresiones Amen


March 4, 2020 Comments Off on Kathleen

Thank you, St. Jude for favor received. To All Those in the Prayer Circle, continue to pray to St. Jude for your petitions. He really does help. Prayers For All in the Prayer Circle. 🙏🙏🙏

Linda Lou

March 4, 2020 Comments Off on Linda Lou

St. Jude I hear you…Amen.
Please fill my boys up with Faith Hope and Love…Peaceful hearts. Amen.


March 4, 2020 Comments Off on Rosemarie

Dear St. Jude,

Please help find Salvatore a good place to live, somewhere where he can be taken care of and be happy. Please bless Salvatore with a complete recovery. Blessings of a second child for Ray and Liz and financial help.
Thank you!


March 4, 2020 Comments Off on Sharon

Dear Saint Jude, please reinforce in Eric’s mind that every day he goes without seeing Sharon, he suffers, that it is physically painful for him to not see her and that, next to his family, she is the most important woman in his life. Please put foremost in his mind that Sharon is gentle, kind, faithful, loving, with a true commitment to having a happy union, That she would never cheat on him and always put his needs first. Please in Jesus name let Eric believe that Sharon is the right woman for him and that he mustn’t sit on his hands and wait before he makes a commitment to her, that his commitment to her is something that should happen immediately and his well-being will only improve the more they are together. In Jesus name I beg you to bring them .together. Thank you.


March 4, 2020 Comments Off on Momma

Prayers are needed for my oldest son who has a difficult situation with a coworker. Praying for a peaceful resolution to their situation. Jesus I Trust in You.

patricia w

March 4, 2020 Comments Off on patricia w

Dear ST Jude

you are wonderful Thank you for all the blessings that I have received Please bless and help us all
so that we can have peace of mind and happiness Thank you ST Jude