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Prayer Circle

Prayer Circle

Share your prayer or thanksgiving

Post your prayer or thanksgiving below to receive prayer and encouragement from our National Shrine of St. Jude community. When you post below your name and your prayer will be publicly view-able on this webpage.

Or if you prefer, send your private intentions to the altar of St. Jude at the National Shrine
where they will be prayed for by the Claretians.

Post Your Prayer


September 5, 2019 Comments Off on Md

Please do not let me get fired from my job and allow me to continue to do what I love.


September 5, 2019 Comments Off on Pam

For health and happiness of my family and friends and success in this contract

Kathy M

September 5, 2019 Comments Off on Kathy M

Thank you St. Jude for answered prayers. Please hear not only my prayers but the prayers for everyone in this prayer circle that are in need. Please help mend and strengthen my marriage. Help my husband to believe and trust me again. Please let the bond between us and our faith grow stronger. Please also let his meeting Saturday go the way that he plans and wants. Let this end us being his forever job and let him enjoy it. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN


September 5, 2019 Comments Off on Adriana

San Judas, te doy gracias infinitas por escuchar mis oraciones y obrar el milagro que tanto te pedi. Mi hijo encontró trabajo despues de seis meses de angustia y mucho estres a raiz de que tenia muchas responsabilidades. Con mi fe infinita le rogue a San Judas, e inmediatamente mi hijo empezo a tener entrevistas, y hasta 3 ofertas de trabajo. Gracias San judas por tu misericordia.


September 5, 2019 Comments Off on J

Please pray for M today and allow for his conversation to be guided by the holy spirit. May he find the right words to make his case for higher pay. Allow for S. to keep an open mind and heart and grant that he is able to receive a fair and just increase that will support our family. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen

Betty Yannuzzi

September 5, 2019 Comments Off on Betty Yannuzzi

for my brother in law & my sister in law that are going thru a very very very traumatic time right now.

Betty Yannuzzi

September 5, 2019 Comments Off on Betty Yannuzzi

prayers for my daughters for health & happiness


September 5, 2019 Comments Off on Yasmin

Oh blessed st jude.bless my children waney Jr and vianney.take away all the boys from her life forever let her focused on her school work vianney to bless me in my job heal my sugery.completely in and out bless my marriage always bless my husband job to bless Jr job to this I ask in amen


September 5, 2019 Comments Off on Sharon

Please St Jude, help my friend Denise who has brain cancer. I am asking for a miracle during this most difficult time. Give her hope, faith , strength and belief. Please intercede and ask our Lord and Savior for this for her. Amen


September 5, 2019 Comments Off on Linda

Let Go Let God…St. Jude please guide me through life and take stress from me today, tomorrow and always! Thankful, grateful you hear me, St. Jude.

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