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Prayer Circle

Prayer Circle

Share your prayer or thanksgiving

Post your prayer or thanksgiving below to receive prayer and encouragement from our National Shrine of St. Jude community. When you post below your name and your prayer will be publicly view-able on this webpage.

Or if you prefer, send your private intentions to the altar of St. Jude at the National Shrine
where they will be prayed for by the Claretians.

Post Your Prayer


September 24, 2019 Comments Off on Kathleen

St Jude please help me find Financial Solutions to pay for costly repairs to my home. Please pray for the health and well being of my family. Please pray for my Anxiety and Chronic Worrying to diminish. I will never forget the graces and favors you obtain for me, and I will do my utmost to spread devotion to you.🙏🙏🙏


September 24, 2019 Comments Off on eyannuzzi

for family members that are suffering from illness issues. Thank you St. Jude for listening.

Betty Yannuzzi

September 24, 2019 Comments Off on Betty Yannuzzi

for my daughters to be healthy & happy, amen.

pat williams

September 24, 2019 Comments Off on pat williams

dear St Jude , please help me today Please show me that you are with me St Jude
I can not do this alone I need your help Please ask our lord Jesus to carry me thru these
hard times and to bless and help everyone on this circle Please make me happy again Please show me Hope Thank you ST Jude

Consuelo Herrera

September 24, 2019 Comments Off on Consuelo Herrera

Father God I’m needing a prayer for my son Michael that he can strengthen his faith to overcome all his obstacles..St Jude saint of the impossible open the doors so that my son Michael can receive his blessings to understand his situation and To not lose hope an that God hears him..

Adelaide Pina

September 24, 2019 Comments Off on Adelaide Pina

Please bless everyone within this prayer circle that our prayers will be heard and answered. I ask for strength and confidence to walk away from the evil and temptation that surround me. I pray for guidance to know what I should do next. I pray for the strength & wisdom to make the best choices for myself & Children’s future. I pray for the power to accept what I see and feel in my heart and do what I need to remove Chris from my life. Please help me make smart decisions with the blessings I’ve been afforded. Please keep me focused on myself and my needs above chris’s Manipulation. Help him face his own demons so that he can b a better father and man.


September 24, 2019 Comments Off on Karen

Thank You St Jude for answering two of my prayers for my grandson Brayden. He is almost 5 & still was not potty trained & was having problems with his speech. My daughter just realized that he has been going in the bathroom & his speech is so much better. I owe these prayers to St Jude, God Our Father & everyone else that has bern praying for my precious little Angel Brayden. Amen Thank You 🙏❤

Kathy M

September 23, 2019 Comments Off on Kathy M

Thank you St. Jude for answered prayers. Please hear and help everyone in this prayer circle. Please continue to help heal our marriage. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Amanda J. Via

September 23, 2019 Comments Off on Amanda J. Via

My prayer is sometimes I don’t feel needed, so I pray that this feeling will end.


September 23, 2019 Comments Off on ERIN

God thank you for all your blessing. God please let us get our tax return! God help us to save our home also to put food on the table and to pay bills and to help out my parent. God give us favor please heal my Dad and Kevin. Give us favor and Work, school, health, money, keeping our home and good family and friends. Please help us with money. AMEN

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