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August 22, 2019 Comments Off on PATRICIA WILLIAMS


Brenda Galza

August 22, 2019 Comments Off on Brenda Galza

Thank you St Jude for your help to my husband with his recent blessing.You are a big part of it and I give Glory to our Lord for your intercession.


August 22, 2019 Comments Off on AB

Please keep those struggling to find or keep work in your prayers,and All people with financial difficulties in your prayers


August 22, 2019 Comments Off on Anitha

Dear Blessed St Jude , I thank you for making my younger daughter take a decision on to go ahead with the de-addiction treatment -Today she will be going to see the doctor god willing – The person who is advising her almost backed out yesterday saying I am getting emotional .So I am not sure what is happening -she is all alone and I am 8000 miles away in another country unable to travel to her at least for another 6- 7 weeks – I plead to you Dear St Jude to intercede on my daughter’s behalf to our lord and saviour Jesus Christ to make her do the right things ,take right decisions and to go ahead and unblock all the obstacles in front of my brilliant engineer daughter who cannot function because of her drug addiction .Let her take the de-addiction treatment in my absence if its the lord’s decision- Please give her the courage and strength and protect her from bad drug using friends and all accidents -please let her regain full mobility of her right hand/arm and shoulders after 3 shoulder surgeries resulting from an accident recently . Please send urgent help to my daughter to solve her big big problems -all are saying only god can save her -I request humbly to the prayer circle to pray for my daughter -I believe in the strength of prayer and the miracles of St Jude -Thank you always –


August 22, 2019 Comments Off on Louise

Please pray for me. I’m feeling stressed and need you, St. Jude. Thankful and grateful for God, Mary, you St. Jude and all the Angels and Saints.


August 22, 2019 Comments Off on CV

Praying for my uncle that is struggling with liver cancer. Cancer has spread to his lungs. He is weak. Please pray that he gets stronger and able to get new treatment. May this new treatment provide healing. For all of these I pray.

Wasswa Daniel

August 22, 2019 Comments Off on Wasswa Daniel

St Jude,we come to you in prayer seeking your help and intercession with our family, health, marriage, finances and debt burden.
We come to you in prayer seeking your help and intercession with our ailing father in-law who’s bedridden and weak,mama Annette’s family and health and all the suffering and ailing in the world. Come to our aid today St Jude as you have never disappointed those who call on you. Amen

Victoria May

August 21, 2019 Comments Off on Victoria May

I ask prayers that I will get a new job very quickly, as I am turning in my notice tonight. Asking prayers for a peaceful out and for the two appointments to go well for the other jobs. I am very scared but I really have to put the two weeks notice now. Asking prayers for provisions and a covering with it all.

Patricia Russell

August 21, 2019 Comments Off on Patricia Russell

Patricia Russell I need direction in my life especially when it comes to my brain seems to be so different since I lost my three children , I never ever had to think about being creative it would just come and I would have it in my fingertips in my mind in my soul , I don’t know if my brain changed because of my sadness but I would like it to be back how it used to be when I could just create things I am a artist and I sure hope that I haven’t lost my appreciation or my motivation where are my love of art of living ,I know I’m different with somebody Waze but I believe that is normal but I do want of my inspirations back and I need to find a place that I could go to bass and adoration on Saturdays and I need to be able to pay my mortgage in advance and stay extremely healthy and prosperous in my business amen Saint Jude amen ,Please be with all people that are abused and I loved all animals to our wildlife please keep all the wolves in the foxes and the coyote safe keep him away from bed please so they cannot be shot please be with President Trump and bring him to his knees was so much empathy all he could do was cry for weeks please be with all the border children and their families keep them safe in their tummies full and their hearts full of love and let them know that I love them I met a man he’ll very full of grace


August 21, 2019 Comments Off on Yvonne

Pray for the conversion of my spouse Richard, My son Omar and his wife Katherine and my daughter Vannessa to allow Jesus Christ into their lives. That they realize how important Jesus is to us.that they be taken under the wing of a priest to help them fullfil all the church Sacraments. Help them financially, medically. Help my daughter Vannessa get a job with good wages and benefits and security, so she can support herself and her daughters, be able to move out of the situation she is in at this time. Help my granddaughter sarakate age 7 spiritually emotionally mentally medically. Pray for my daughter, that she be able to find the necessary help for sarakates emotional issues and the help necessary to help both sarakate and Paige age 4 with their medical and learning issues. Pray that my Drs. Be able to correctly diagnose and treat my stomach chronic pain and other stomach ailments. And my chronic pain all over. Pray for my husband richard and my finances, so we can help out children and granddaughters. Pray for all souls in purgatory that their sins will be forgiven, and they’ve raised to heaven. Pray for everyone who has strayed, that they return to the Catholic Church.