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Prayer Circle

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Post your prayer or thanksgiving below to receive prayer and encouragement from our National Shrine of St. Jude community. When you post below your name and your prayer will be publicly viewable on this webpage.

Or if you prefer, send your private intentions to the altar of St. Jude at the National Shrine
where they will be prayed for by the Claretians.

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Robert Ssentongo

March 31, 2019 Comments Off on Robert Ssentongo

Thanking God for favours, graces and blessings through St.Jude. Now imploring God to look to me with great favour for a top management job with gainful pay. To have wisdom, Holy spirit,to complete my MA and PhD, for financial faours, for finding love,wife,marriage and children. To find a home and peace. To have a home,to have winnng over witchcrafty in the rentals, work,study and find healing,family tree healing. Holy Spirit to the Church. I pray for the souls in Purgatory.The following servants of God to perform miracles to canonisation: Msgr Ngobya, Sr. Amedeo, Mother Kevin Kearney, Fr. Lourdel Mon Pierre and Bro Delmas Amans, Daudi Okello and Jildo Irwa, Frank Duff, Julius Nyerere and Lubichu Chiara. Looking humbly receive my prayer with Sts Joseph and Mary helping us.


March 31, 2019 Comments Off on JC

I pray for the recovery and rehabilitation of a special niece Jasmine, that she may find hope faith and love to guide her.

Jean Cuaz

March 31, 2019 Comments Off on Jean Cuaz

Dearest St. Jude, I am praying for a quick and cancer free recovery for a very special nephew Chad. I pray for all those inflicted with cancer.

A. Williams

March 31, 2019 Comments Off on A. Williams

Please pray for robert to get his legal citizenship as he is desperately in need please pray for hope please prsy gor lstars abd lashswna reunite in sister relationship pray fir my mother grant her peace as she is elderly and has pain and doesnt rest well


March 31, 2019 Comments Off on Kathleen

Thank you St Jude for previous prayers answered. Continue to pray for me for my Special Intention.

A. Williams

March 31, 2019 Comments Off on A. Williams

Thank you god thank you jesus thank you saint jude friend of jesus and saint of hope please continue to open the doors for a new job and restore all that i have lost🙏🙏

joseph siskavich

March 31, 2019 Comments Off on joseph siskavich

please pray for to heal my cancewrand my mental problems and heal the rashes on my body


March 31, 2019 Comments Off on Margaret

Please help me Amen


March 31, 2019 Comments Off on Ly

St. Jude please intercede for Peter’s healing from a brain tumor.that the power of the holy spirit will overshadow him to restore his brain and other organs,glands,cells,systems etc to full health and jesus name with thanksgiving. Amen


March 31, 2019 Comments Off on Julie

Please pray for Marvin who has late-stage cancer and Bill who is dying. Pray for peace for them and for their families. Please pray for a job for Emily. Thanks for prayers.