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Prayer Circle

Prayer Circle

Share your prayer or thanksgiving

Post your prayer or thanksgiving below to receive prayer and encouragement from our National Shrine of St. Jude community. When you post below your name and your prayer will be publicly view-able on this webpage.

Or if you prefer, send your private intentions to the altar of St. Jude at the National Shrine
where they will be prayed for by the Claretians.

Post Your Prayer


October 17, 2019 Comments Off on K

St Jude, please please help me. I literally worry about my personal problems all during my waking hours. I am exhausted. St. Jude, thank you for holding out the promise of Hope for all who believe, and inspire me to give this gift of Hope to others as it has been given to me. 🙏

Fay Moore

October 17, 2019 Comments Off on Fay Moore

Help Curtis, Kathy ,Cindy for their afflictions. Me for debt.

Debbie Baldassini

October 17, 2019 Comments Off on Debbie Baldassini

Oh Blessed St Jude thank you for everything you do for my family and me! We really appreciate all that you do for us! Please continue to look over and heal my mother Diane Giuliano! Please let her hemoglobin count continue to rise! Please put your healing hands on her and heal all her issues! Please let her arms heal from all the IV’s. Please let her swelling go down and let her be able to walk and breathe! Please let her out of breath episodes subside! Please let her surgery go well on November 12. Please let her have a speedy recovery! Please let her be happy, healthy and prosperous! Please continue to look over and heal my husband Scott Baldassini! Please wrap your healing hands on him and heal him! Please let his kidney stones disappear and never come back! Please heal his body and mind! Please let him get the hours at work so we can pay the bills! Please let him be happy, healthy and prosperous! Please continue to look over all my fur babies especially Shadow! Please let them be happy and healthy! Please continue to look over and heal all my family and friends! Please continue to look over and heal me! Please heal my body and mind so I can care for my mom! Please let work be happy with my performance! Please let next year’s bonus be better than this year’s! Please heal my aches and pains and give me endurance to handle all that is going on in my life! Please let me be happy, healthy and prosperous! Please tell Xena and Jackpot that I love and miss them both!


October 17, 2019 Comments Off on Janette

St Jude, Please pray for my husband, who is battling colon cancer, Please pray for a full recovery and for the medical team that is treating him that they will not make any poor judgments in their plan of care and they will not prolong his care or do any unnecessary procedures that he does not need.


October 17, 2019 Comments Off on Kathleen

St Jude please pray for the repose of the soul of US Rep Elijah Cummings, who passed away early this morning. Please pray for the special intention of Sister Michelle, IHM. Please pray for a negative biopsy result for my niece. Jennifer. Please pray I Find Financial Solutions to cover costly repairs to my home. Please pray for the health and welfare of my family. Please pray my anxiety and depression diminish. Please pray for All in the Prayer Circle. I will never forget the graces and favors you obtain for me and I will do my utmost to spread devotion to you. 🙏


October 17, 2019 Comments Off on Nhlanhla

I am thanking God for the opportunities He has provided for me.


October 17, 2019 Comments Off on ERIN

God thank you for everything. God please help us with money to save our home, food on the table, help with bills and to get ahead with money and get a credit better. God please heal Kevin, dad, and mom. Give us good nice with our health ins. God give us favor at work, school, health, money, and good friends and family and marriage. AMEN

Seeking a miracles

October 17, 2019 Comments Off on Seeking a miracles

Please pray for my father in law, my spouse and myself. Bless us with many more long happy years Rid these deadly cancers and revive and store what once was a happy healthy soul. Healing and cure please also help us out financial so much to do and pay but none of us are well enough to work and prepared this income we reveive is not enough to cover bills, funeral arrangements etc in Jesus name help us Please


October 17, 2019 Comments Off on Dana

Please bless me and allow me to be healthy. I’m so scared. Please take the pains away.


October 17, 2019 Comments Off on Anonymous

St.jude..Please show me right opportunity… I would like to start working again.i would like to use my strength in a positive way and feel happy.please show me the way ..

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