The Wisdom & Power of the Holy Spirit

Throughout history, the Holy Spirit has guided people on their faith journeys. The Old and New Testaments give us rich examples of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thousands of years before the birth of Christ, God led Moses and the Israelites out of their captivity in Egypt. One of the very visible ways He stayed connected to them was through the Ark of the Covenant. The Holy Spirit inspired the people to build a perfect vessel to hold God’s glory and Spirit on earth.

Always having the Ark at the front of their procession, they traveled under God’s protection. The Ark parted the Jordan River to allow a safe crossing into their new land. With the guidance and the power of the Holy Spirit, the Israelite moved further into the Promised Land to settle. The power of the Ark enabled them to defend their new civilization for generations.

The power and prosperity the Ark gave the Israelites inspired awe in their neighbors, as well as fierce jealousy. A rival people sought the power of the Holy Spirit for themselves and captured the Ark, but the Spirit struck each city the Ark visited with plagues. Soon the cities refused to host the Ark, and it was returned to the Israelites.

The Holy Spirit also provided wisdom for God’s prophets—including Samuel, Elijah, and Isaiah. They were filled with the wisdom and understanding of the Holy Spirit, enabling them to know God’s truth, and then to speak with authority to the people. Often, these prophets were ridiculed and threatened for their prophesies, but the power of the Holy Spirit gave them courage and strength to continue their work for God.

As Isaiah teaches us, the Holy Spirit brings blessings of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, and knowledge. The Spirit’s legacy of support for the children of God is a reminder of what a source of guidance He can be for us.

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