The Fruits of Prayer

We are often in the process of setting goals for ourselves. The accomplishment of reaching our goals, both large and small, propels us forward and encourages us in whatever comes next. Our lifetime of experiences has most likely already revealed to us the strength that comes from calling on God—whether we’re inching near a finish line or climbing more of a mountain.

Taking on almost any challenge is usually made easier with the support of someone we trust. Hopefully God is at the top of this list. Our family and friends are so vital in our lives on many levels of support. We are also fortunate that raising our minds and hearts to God in prayer opens a special window to the strength and relief that only His love can provide.

Our devotion to St. Jude is deeply personal and inspires us to an active prayer life. This devotion nourishes a circle of reciprocity between our requests and our gratitude, which also allows a greater depth to develop in our relationships with St. Jude and with God. We hope, we experience, and we are grateful. This cycle of our spiritual life grounds us by bringing God into the rhythm of our days. Giving thanks inspires faithfulness, and faithfulness inspires prayer, which leads us back to hope and peace.

A sense of peace and the self-control that is born of being in a place of calm enables us to align our spiritual and personal goals with our faith. This brings the meaning of our lives into a brighter focus.

Loving God through prayer encourages patience within our lives. When it seems a need is not fulfilled or a challenge remains unresolved, our relationship with God is an unfailing strength. Often in looking back on times that seemed long, drawn out, or painfully difficult, we can see God’s hand leading us through to a stronger life.

Faith Reflections: The Fruits of Prayer