St. Jude’s Hope and Compassion

“St. Jude, Pray for Us.” This is the simplest, yet most beloved, prayer that expresses our hope in St. Jude. Contained in this simple prayer is the language of togetherness, of community, and a profound act of compassion.

It is true that for many, a devotion to St. Jude is prompted by a very personal need. We as devotees know the great gift we’ve received, to recognize the fruits of a prayer life that includes St. Jude’s intercession. Yet even as we bring to St. Jude the petitions that may be focused on our own very real needs, at the same time we are sure to remember others and their needs.

Compassion may be silent in prayer, but it does not remain secluded. Compassion in quiet prayer provides us a positive path forward in helping others at times when we feel helpless in any other action. In prayer, we put others as a priority, remembering those we know who are suffering and need God’s healing hope. Compassionate prayer, with time and consistency, also helps move us in our desire to connect with others and inspires us into action in helping them.

St. Jude devotional prayer is a practice of compassionate prayer, always focused on the “we,” the communal, the needs of others even as we pray for intercession for ourselves. This balance is a perfect model of how we are part of the big picture of healing and compassion in the world, not forgetting the self, but tending to the needs of others with fortitude and hope.