Sources of Hope

We affect people’s lives many times each day in a variety of ways. Jesus calls His people to be a light to the world. He gave us repeated examples—in how He connected and interacted with friends as well as strangers—of how we can be a source of hope and encouragement for many others.

Throughout His ministry, Jesus served those most in need. He reached out to others without judgment, dining with them and sharing His time. He made them feel they were valued. In seemingly simple everyday connections, He gave a powerful gift to anyone feeling isolated.

Jesus also made time for those who asked for His help. As He traveled through towns to share His teachings, people in need reached out—sometimes quietly sneaking a touch of His garment, other times loudly calling out to gain His attention. Knowing their needs and their belief in His miracles, He forgave their sins and healed their bodies.

When He cured a crippled woman on the Sabbath, Jesus angered many of the religious leaders of His community. In His love for those who need help, Jesus reached out when the need was present, regardless of many other concerns.

In working to follow Christ’s example, we see that moments of our time with others—friends or strangers—are opportunities. Thinking back on our day, it’s easy to pick out the moments when someone made us feel valued and loved. It’s also clear which are the times when we felt ignored or invisible. We can be a source of affirmation, and maybe even of hope, to others when we recognize and respect they are part of our lives.

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