Seek and Draw Near to God’s Goodness

The goodness of God assures us His purpose for each of us is to be a truly good person—which isn’t the same as perfect. We are good people, and we are even better people in progress. We are profoundly aware that there is no way to avoid the doubt, the challenges, and the suffering that are such a difficult part of our lives.

While our faith assures us of God’s limitless love for us, our human nature often seems to default to a short-term focus. We then can understandably lose sight of the bigger picture of our life. It’s so easy to forget that a larger perspective allows us to see how challenges are often the means by which we come to know God more intimately.

God’s goodness doesn’t waver amid prosperity or pain, health or sickness. God’s desire for our good and His unconditional love for us are most profoundly evident in the sacrifice of His son for our salvation. Reflection, self-awareness, and the work of letting go of sin lead us into the power of mercy and the strength of gratitude for the relief God’s love always holds.

The goodness of God has a ripple effect in many facets of our lives. Combined with His wisdom, His desire for our good becomes the source that feeds all of our spiritual hungers. Seeking God and His goodness—drawing nearer to Him—is our highest calling in life. We respond to this calling whenever we recognize the ways His goodness provides for us and follow up with our prayers of gratitude. We also respond to this calling when we embrace the goodness in ourselves and in others.

The natural longing we often experience in our lives—especially in times of transition—may not disappear when we bring God’s goodness to bear. Over time and through our relationship with God in our prayers and in our daily choices, the longings are transformed into a grace that helps us understand where our fulfillment lies—with God in His light of eternal life for us.

Faith Reflections: Seek and Draw Near to God's Goodness