A Patient Faith

St. Jude chose to follow Jesus when he was called, and knew Him as a friend and as one of His Apostles. At times, even he had questions for God. Through his patient and constant faith, he learned the true strength that came from working to follow Jesus’ teachings the best he could at any given time.

This quiet Apostle became the Patron Saint of Hope. He is yet another source of strength, intercession, hope, and support for us as we navigate the challenges of our lives. In the letter of St. Jude, he encourages us to keep ourselves in God’s love as we work through the realities of life.

St. Jude lived this message. After Jesus’ death and Resurrection, he began the patient ministry of growing the Church while waiting for Christ’s return—sharing his faith in Jesus with everyone he met until he died. St. Jude’s faith is another aspect of his life that he allows us to benefit from in our devotion to him.

Sometimes the challenges of our lives and the realities of the world around us leave us feeling overwhelmed. The magnitude of the issues can feel bigger than what we think we can impact. When we’re in one of these times, it’s especially important to remember that God doesn’t expect us to navigate all this on our own. We have His words, we have His Son’s examples for our benefit, and we have St. Jude. We are definitely not alone. We can ask St. Jude for the grace and strength to follow his example. As we learn the value of a patient faith in working through our own struggles, we may well improve the quality of day-to-day life for others at the same time.

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