Listening for God

Every day, God gives us opportunities to connect with Him and fill our lives with His grace. He calls to us, and is always ready to guide us as we work to live our lives as Catholics. Are we as good at listening to God and at looking for our opportunities as we are at asking for His help? Probably not yet. Most of us could benefit from integrating a little from each of the following areas into the richness of our prayer connection with God: inspiration from the Holy Spirit, openness to seeing a faithful path for ourselves from God the Father, and unfailing strength in support of our faith from Jesus.

In his ministry as an Apostle, St. Jude often relied on these gifts to guide him as he spread the Gospel message. Without the support of an established church, he traveled with only his conviction in Christ’s teachings and the power of the Holy Spirit to inspire him. St. Jude created a new path for himself, taking a unique message of hope to people wherever he could reach.

St. Jude lived his life in service to Jesus to unite people’s hearts with God. In every town he visited, he shared the Word of God, forming connections between God and His people. He taught them to pray for their needs, but he also showed them the importance of listening for God’s gentle guidance. For the people of these new Christian communities where he preached, St. Jude became a source of the inspiration and hope that comes from the Gospel.

Today, St. Jude continues to help us in our relationship with God. By his example, we learn to seek the support and inspiration of the Holy Spirit as we travel on our journeys of faith. And through his intercession, we receive hope for every intention. With St. Jude by our side, we find God’s strength when we need it and learn to look for the opportunities He gives to us.

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