Everyday Mentoring

Through His words and actions, Jesus inspired His Apostles and other disciples to follow His example as they learned from His teachings, and later as they began to build His Church. He created an empowering ripple effect, beginning with the Apostles and continuing through the centuries to those who follow God’s Word today.

As devotees of St. Jude, we value the power of hope in our lives. We can share hope by being mindful of daily opportunities to affirm and maybe inspire. We can follow our faith’s calling to care for others by becoming everyday mentors and creating a few ripple effects of our own.

Mentoring a specific person can involve an ongoing investment of time and teaching, such as volunteering in local schools or youth clubs. In addition to these more visible ways of mentoring, being an incidental mentor in our day-to-day lives offers many chances to model caring for others. Our simplest interactions are full of potential to show respect and appreciation.

The cashiers in grocery stores, the wait staff in restaurants, and the neighbors out for a walk give us the possibility of making the most of our everyday encounters.

Affirming the dignity of others often begins simply by letting them know we see them as individuals. Most of these connections of respect will be noticed; you can turn someone’s day around or give them a boost of confidence beyond what you intended. They probably won’t know you reached out to them in faith, but they in turn may pass on the hope to someone else. You can inspire more and greater kindnesses.

Let us pray to St. Jude requesting help to recognize these opportunities in our lives, and to mentor someone in the power of caring each day that we can.

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