Encounter God through St. Jude

One of the doors God opens to inspire meaningful encounters with Him is through the goodness of the saints.

They lived lives of martyrdom, sacrifice, and grace rooted in their faith, above all. Their personal encounters with God may seem dramatic in comparison to our own lives, yet they are named saints to show us that we too can walk through that door, that we too have the capacity for holiness, even at that level.

However any of us has found devotion to St. Jude, that journey is made by God in His desire to bring us closer to Him. St. Jude devotion is a pathway to encountering God through prayer, intercession, and hope.

We honor God with all of our intentional efforts to connect with Him. In devotion to St. Jude, we have an especially rich way to cultivate our awareness of how profoundly we do need God in our lives. Novena prayer, Vigil Light prayer, healing prayer, enrollments . . . the space we create in our lives for these allows God to support us in our joys and challenges and helps us keep the hope of St. Jude at the center of our hearts.

These encounters with God through devotion also remind us consistently of the reality that God is with us. Devotion to St. Jude, when understood as igniting connections with God, stands for us as a lifegiving path in itself, as well as an example of the great many other beautiful ways we can see and encounter God elsewhere in our lives.

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