“I am with you always.”

Sometimes the weight of a particular problem or the persistent tug of an everyday stress can isolate us. Our challenges, large and small, can seem much more difficult when it seems we have to handle them on our own.

It takes a special kind of wisdom and courage to recognize when we may need the help of a professional—doctor, counselor, addiction clinic, and so on—when we face certain overwhelming issues in our life and in the lives of those we love. We also often need a strong yet humble perspective to reach out to others.

With our faith, we know that humility in fact reflects an inner strength. And we also know we are never truly alone; God in His many ways is always with us. In Him we find the support, encouragement, and caring love to work with our challenges. We need God’s strength and grace to follow Christ’s example in a day-to-day world that often seems to be pulling away from Him.

The volume and pace of the daily distractions we encounter can make even simple opportunities to reflect the face of God become lost in the rush of life. Again, we need to gently remind ourselves we are never out of God’s gaze. And as devotees of St. Jude, we also know that we can turn to him for help at all times. In St. Jude, we find a constant companion for our journey in life, and a ready intercessor to God on our behalf.

Jesus said, “I am with you always.” It can be helpful to have a few special ways of reminding ourselves of this powerful promise around our home. It is also very helpful to make this an intentional addition to our daily prayers—to thank Jesus for always being with us, and to let Him know when we feel we need an extra amount of help.