Prayer and request

Thank you St. Jude for prayers answered.I am forever grateful for all your help and blessings.Dear St Jude, St Anthony of Padua, and St Rita of Cascia thank you for all your help in the past. Help us out of all our debt.
Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for all that you have given me and my family. Take care of us and protect us from all evil, difficulties and diseases. Please keep our entire family healthy, happy and safe. Dear Saint Jude and all the saints, I ask for prayers for my family and loved ones,May God ease my financial burden and worries. May He send the Holy Spirit to guide and help me in my finances. May He also abundantly bless my family; and as we receive these blessings, may He teach us to share these to the needy and less fortunate. Please grant my son a good position which will advance his education, career and confidence.Praying for the complete healing of my nephew and brother. . Release all our stress, fears, and worries and let us be at peace, happy, and healthy. Praying for Eu’s mom, Shy, A’s dad and SP.I would like to ask St.Benedict Joseph Labre to intercede in the lives of those on this site for needed healing. Dear ST Jude , you are the worker of miracles Please bless us all with the miracles that we need and show us hope Please let us know that you are with us Please keep us all safe and healthy I ask this in Jesus name, Thank you & Amen