Dear Lord, first of all, may all the world be blessed with your love and forgiveness. For my personal intention. Please pray that my children stay strong and healthy as a unit. I pray for financial assistance to help me make my debts. Oh blessed St. Jude, thank you for everything that you do for my family and me. We really do appreciate all that you do for us. Please continue to look over, care for and heal my brother. Please keep his blood levels up, keep his shortness of breath and anxiety away, and let his stomach and all organs be well. Repair his brain, eyes, skin, and deep restorative sleep every night for 8+ hours for his body and mind to heal. Please let him feel good and heal all his aches and pains. Heal him, Dear God. Make him whole again in health and in spirit. Please pray for my family’s well-being spiritually financially, health-wise and in all aspects. Please restore his health .Put his mind at ease and body ,cells, organs, systems working normally and staying healthy.I come here with a heart full of anxiety and worry. Please save my brother. Hope the new meds work. Hope all the test results come out normal.In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.