Dear St Jude ! Thank you for all your miracles in the past !THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ANSWERED PRAYERS MY DEAR ST. JUDE and all the saints I pray to everyday, Mother Mary, and all the faithful intercessor
Please help my daughter to have good husband and bless her with children. Please help her with her fears and worries. Dear Jesus please help her to have happy family and career.Please let both my appointments go well and all the test results come out normal. Please continue to help, guide, and protect me in all my journey as well as all my loved ones. Please help St. Jude. Please don’t leave us. Please give us hope and comfort. Take away all our fears. Please we need your miracles, hope, and strength. I also pray for everyone who are battling illness, especially those who are ill, those who are lonely, depressed, and hopeless.Please be close to us and answer our prayer. Thanks and Amen