Dear Lord, first of all, most thank you for all your blessings. I have got a lot of problems too many to mention and cant see a way out.St. Jude, please send your holy miracle.Holy Mary, our loving mama in heaven, please bless my brother with cures for all her physical and mental illness Please take away his depression, anxiety ad ease his worries.problems. Keep us safe all the time.Bless us also with a life-changing financial miracle for her retirement, lifetime, and future home. Holy Mother of God, please grant all my requests for my mama and me. St. Philomena, powerful with God, please make my son’s dream of getting the vacant position in his firm! The position will greatly help our family! Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and Our Lady of Fatima I ask for your intercession. May God send the Holy Spirit to help and guide me in my new job so that I’ll do well and be successful. May God graciously let a ray of His brilliance penetrate the darkness of my understanding. May He give me sharp sense of comprehension, retentive memory and the ability to grasp things correctly. May He also continue to help me and give success to my works. Will you please pray for me and show me the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Thank you. Amen.