Blessed be God, blessed be Infant Jesus, blessed be Our Lady in all her different forms, blessed be all the spirits, saints, apostles, martyrs, all the Guardian Angels of my life and family members, all the guiding and governing angels and spirits , all the governing forces in the Universe, all the God’s in the entire Universe and beyond. Lord, thank you for listening and keeping a watchful eye and hands over health and financial stability of my husband, kids, brother and family. Please resolve our debts. My son needs a breakthrough. Please grant him success in his job search and education. Dear Saint Jude and all the saints and my patron saint, I ask for your prayers and help for my family, for my husband, brother, and myself and for my children, for our health, wealth and spiritual well-being, and for our needs now and in the future. Dear St. Jude, I’m making a sincere and heartfelt prayer for my son. Nothing seems to be going right in spite of his efforts.Pray please for me to be fully full today of the Divine spirit and bless this day, even more than previous days. Pray for these blessings. Thunderously praise and glorify Infant Jesus in the entire Universe and beyond