Dear Lord, thank you for all the blessings bestowed upon me and my family. Continue guiding me and helping me with my struggles that only you know and recognize. Keep us all safe from these viruses, curses, or any other illnesses we are going through. Let dad and mom know how much I miss them and love them. I forgive them for some of the decisions that were made and ask for forgiveness from them for the ones I made so they may be at peace. Keep a steady hand on all doctors and nurses that are treating and performing surgeries. Let the lawyers and judge make the decision to return all that belongs to us. In Jesus’ Name with all the angels and saints I pray for all health, safety, and financial stability. Prayers for my health and healing of my brother’s health.I am asking the Lord to please help the medication work effectively and in a timely manner.Please make him healthy and whole again.Dear Saint Jude and all the saints and my patron saint, I ask for your prayers, help, and guidance. Please pray for my very special intention, Amen