I am praying to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the Holy Spirit for my brother who is suffering from poor mental health and is in despair , Please hear my prayers and grant him the strength to get through this difficult time. I am truly grateful for all the graces received and please pray for all those who need it. Almighty God, my everlasting guardian shepherd, words do not come easily in this world to say thank you for my life, everyone and everything that was in my life: that is in my life and that will be in my life. Please shower blessings in abundance to follow your footsteps and spread and share your unconditional love among us, even though it is not possible at times due to our sinfulness as your servants. St. Michael Archangel, be our protection. St. Michael, we pray.Dear God thank you for everything that you do for me and my family. Lord we need your Divine intervention please. You know my heart Lord and the battles and struggles that I face. I come to you in need pleading for the health of my beloved brother. He is really sick. Dear Holy God in heaven, please help my brother to overcome his fears, stress, anxiety, and depression, along with his physical ailments. I would like my brother’s health back, please, his whole health. Repair his brain, eyes, skin, and deep restorative sleep every night for 8+ hours for his body and mind to heal. Please keep his blood levels up, keep his shortness of breath and anxiety away, and let his stomach and all organs be well. Please let him feel good and heal all his ailment. Bless him with love, happiness, and a less burdened life. Let there be improvement in his struggles oh Heavenly Father. Protect and guide him. Please hear my prayers and answer them. Our dearest St. Philomena, we love you and thank you for keeping us all in the family under your care and guidance. St. Philomena, because of your eminent chastity and purity, you are so powerful with God! Please help my brother get cured of his illness. In God’s loving light, I humbly ask for the good health, recovery, and healing of my brother.Lord, please, please help us. I am putting my entire family, situation, and circumstances in your hands. In Jesus’ Name I ask this. Lord, please hear our prayers. Amen.