Please help me in praying for my engineering board examination to be successfully passed. I also pray that all I master in my review materials will be visible on my board examination. Also, ask God for me to correctly answer the questions on the examination, so that I may take in and pass it just once since it’s a pity to my parents as well as everyone who has helped me financially. Also, please pray for me that the spirit of diligence and an eagerness to study more will continue to dwell with me and that the powerful power of God will be with me. Please continue to request prayers each day for me. Lord God, thank you for your compassion and mercy. Ask God for FORGIVENESS for my sins, safety from potential threats, and protection from competitors. Please also pray for my psychological health and the wellness of my family. My personal goals are to become an engineer and pass my board examinations in February 2024, all while providing for the health and happiness of my relatives. Please PRAY the rosary for me every day. “For nothing will be impossible with God.” – Luke 1:37, Philippines