Please hear my prayers

Dear St. Jude and friends in faith, please intercede for me. I fervently pray for my father’s complete healing from his cancer. I pray that the lymph nodes, scar tissue, swelling, inflammation, and whatever that showed in his recent scans will all disappear. We believe in the power of prayers and miracles. Please heal my father and continue to make his treatments effective. Please do not let this cancer spread and that the medicine he’s taking in will continue to help him get rid of this disease. Only God has the power to make everything ok. Please make all his scans and checkups good results. Please continue to make his treatments effective that he will be clear from cancer and that it will never spread. I fervently ask for the medicine to continue to be effective and if they ever change the medicine I pray that it will be effective too and will not have any bad side effects. I’m begging you to please heal him. Please do not let cancer live in his body. Remove all inflammation, damaged tissues, swelling, lymph nodes, blockages and all the cancer cells. Please stop this cancer from mutating. Please continue to heal him and bless him with a long life. Please reward our faith. Please do not let us lose hope because we are holding onto our little Hope knowing that God will heal my father. Please heal my father completely. I also pray for my mom. Please bless my mom with good results in her scans and checkups too. Please heal her goiter and do not let her get sick also. Please heal her body from all the aches and pains. Please continue to help her in all her fears and worries. Please bless her with a long and healthy life. I also pray for myself. Please make all my scans and checkups good results too. Please do not let me have cancer and any serious diseases. My children still needs me. I’m begging for good health and long life. I pray that God will continue to bless me with good health and more time to be with my children and family. Please allow me to spend more of my time with them. Please bless me with a long and healthy life so I can be with my children and family. I am praying that the discomfort I am feeling in my body will go away. Please make my body healthy. Please do not let cancer live in my body, our bodies, and that no one in my family with have this. Please make all our scans and checkups be good always. I continue to pray for my children’s future. Please bless them with good friends, good influences, good husbands who will love and honor them, and husbands who love and fear God. Please never let them be separated from God. Please bless them with a bright future. I also ask for your blessings to continue in keeping my children healthy. I pray that my daughter will be able to stand the pain and discomfort from the treatment of her teeth. I do not want her to get hurt and be in pain. Please help me on this matter. I have so much going on in my life and I do not know how to handle everything especially when it comes to my children. Please. Please help me. Please heal my father completely. Please do not let me have cancer. All my loved ones please save us from cancer and any serious illness. I offer all my fears and worries to God. Thank you so much for all the answered prayers. Please continue to help us in all our needs. Please help everyone in this circle too and heal everyone who are suffering. Please heal everyone who are sick, help everyone who are in desperate need of miracles m. Please help us. Please help me. Amen