Please heal my broken relationship/friendship

Dear St. Jude, please heal my broken relationship/friendship with M. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to get an apology from him. Why he never saw all the hurtful things he has done to me. I have been trying for years for our friendship to get better but it’s not working. He doesn’t treat me with respect and didn’t show care at all that it’s like I am in a one-sided friendship. Relationship it didn’t work and even friendship it seems like it can’t. He shut down on me for more than a month and have been silent and not communicating because of all his misjudgments and miscommunication. He refuse to communicate with me to resolve issues. This whole thing has been emotionally, physically, mentally draining for me. I feel so abused. I know I cannot do anything about his behavior and I am responsible for mine. It hurts so much to have a soft heart and to always try to see good in people but I am not getting it back. Instead I am mistreated and taken for granted. I really don’t know what I have said and done for him to treat me like this. He’s punishing me because he ghosted me for reasons I don’t know. Please help me from this brokenness. I no longer want to feel this pain anymore. It hurts so much because I trusted him, opened my heart to him, and kept on trying to understand him. All I want is his honesty. Why he cannot open his heart and communicate with me. Please remove all the blockages that’s stopping us from healing this friendship. I just want an honest and healthy friendship. But he cannot give it to me. Maybe because he feel guilty every time he talks to me. He remembers all the mistakes he has done when I am in his life. It hurts so much because he put me in this complicated situation and I allowed myself to be in this situation. Please help me. I really don’t know what to do. I just want us to reconcile and heal and bring peace back in our lives. Amen