Please bless our friendship

Dear St. Jude, please help me pray to God that the friendship I have with my first love will always be blessed. I haven’t heard from him for two weeks now but i am not as depressed as I was before. Thank you so much for healing my pain. I don’t know what happened to us and if he will still continue to be in my life. I love and care for him so much. I pray for God’s will in our friendship. I also pray that God will always be with him in his life. That he will continue to do good things and make wise decisions. I’ve always put him on a pedestal and have always tried to see the good in him no matter how many times he hurt me. I sometimes feel so dumb and strange for not getting mad at him. I sometimes feel like I don’t respect myself anymore because I allow him to hurt me over and over. Sometimes i wish my heart would just stop caring and loving. But i am taking things more positively now. I have accepted to let him go since he wanted to leave this friendship we have. I know whatever happens is God’s will. Help him achieve every good thing that he aspires for. Please continue to bless both of us and be the person God wants us to be. Please keep him healthy always. He probably do not consider me as a friend but that’s beyond my control. I will still pray for him because he hurt so many people in his life. Forgive him for all his sins. I don’t know what’s God’s plan for both of us, so I am leaving this friendship all on God. I offer this friendship we have to God. May we continue to keep doing what is right and what is good for God. Please tell him that I miss him and I’ve been thinking about him every day. Please bless his relationship and my relationship as well. Please bless his family as well as my family. Keep him healthy and safe always. Amen