Patti A.

Please pray for my family during this pandemic and difficult times. I pray for good health, safety and protection for all of us. I pray for your help and strength. I pray that my family and this world follows your path Dear God. I pray for your help in finding an affordable place to live and if able to purchase my parents home that we are currently living in. As my parents are deceased.
If God allows it to be. I pray to be healed along with my husband.
I pray for my granddaughter that she will choose to make the right decision of her choice of schooling. She is afraid. Please help her .
I pray for your help, Amen. Thank you for hearing my prayers Dear God, The Ever Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Jude, St. Damien, St. Marianne Cope. St. Rita, Saint Bernadette, St. Agnes Maria Goretti. Please pray for me and that my prayers will be answered and help is on its way 🙏