Patricia Russell

Patricia Russell I need direction in my life especially when it comes to my brain seems to be so different since I lost my three children , I never ever had to think about being creative it would just come and I would have it in my fingertips in my mind in my soul , I don’t know if my brain changed because of my sadness but I would like it to be back how it used to be when I could just create things I am a artist and I sure hope that I haven’t lost my appreciation or my motivation where are my love of art of living ,I know I’m different with somebody Waze but I believe that is normal but I do want of my inspirations back and I need to find a place that I could go to bass and adoration on Saturdays and I need to be able to pay my mortgage in advance and stay extremely healthy and prosperous in my business amen Saint Jude amen ,Please be with all people that are abused and I loved all animals to our wildlife please keep all the wolves in the foxes and the coyote safe keep him away from bed please so they cannot be shot please be with President Trump and bring him to his knees was so much empathy all he could do was cry for weeks please be with all the border children and their families keep them safe in their tummies full and their hearts full of love and let them know that I love them I met a man he’ll very full of grace