St. Jude please heal my sister Edith from breast cancer. Help her endure the 30 treatments of radiation. Would you intercede for me to win the state lottery so that I can help her pay for her cancer treatment, medications and transportation to treatments? I would also like to get my dental implant so that I can eat better. The cost of living is rising rapidly and my low income is not able to keep up. That is why I pray to win the state lottery that I play every week. I promise to you St. Jude that if you grant me the miracle of winning the state lottery I would do much good with the money. Many good deeds to the world. Also, St. Jude would you help my sister Nancy find good employment in Dallas? Thank you St. Jude for listening to my daily prayers and petitions. Please continue on sending my family, husband and I daily blessings. Amen.