St. Jude, you’ve shown your power, your mercy, and love to me by helping me get a job a year ago. Thank you for choosing me and for accepting my prayers. I pray for those who are in similar situations as I was a year and a half ago. May they find strength and hope. God bless them all.

For those who are facing an immigration crisis, may their prayers be heard. God bless them.

For those working towards constructing new cathedral’s, please bless them in their efforts.

For those priests who’ve given their life to the church and are now ill, I pray that they recover soon.

For those who face property issues like my own family, I pray that justice is served and the people who have done wrong learn how their mistakes affect the lives of others including their own.

For those brothers and sisters who do wrong, may they turn a new leaf.

For those who have given their life to service other men and women, God bless them.

For the sick, God bless them.

For people like me who have invested money in a savings scheme, may our money always remain protected and multiple.

For those who are rich, may they work towards giving back.

For those who are in pain, may they heal.

For those who have lost something, may they find it again.

For those who are looking for love, may they find love.

For those who have lost a loved one, may they find peace and friends who care.

For those who help us, may they be rewarded for their compassion.