Myself, Family, World

Salutations St. Jude,
Please honor my prayer for my health with this painful condition known as Hydradenitis Supprativa, as my skin has continued to tear apart. I also cure for my PTSD from military trauma, my panic attacks, my fears, my depression, my anger and resentments. I beg that you aid me in granting me abundance of happiness and finance in this time of desperate need as I have been out of work for so long so that I may support myself, my immediate family and many others. Allow me to heal and to forgive easily, to shine like a bright lit star as I did prior to my ailments.
Allow that a massive financial wealth come forth now so I may pay off all debts, do repairs and remodels as well as build several environmentally friendly businesses so that with the earnings I may build many job opportunities, give scholarships to children, donate to children with cancer, foster/adopt a child (or children), help those in need. Help change the world of crime and terror and disasters and transform into peace, kindness, happiness, and love for the earth and ALL of its inhabitants.
Please find a cure, a miracle, a solution to these ailments for myself and fellow veterans and those affected by our experiences. May all Nations unite as one ending all wars and focus on saving our future generations.
I promise to pray to you weekly and honor you in many more ways. I am in such desperate need, please I beg in God’s name, AMEN!