Mr. Joseph Bahadoor

I am 36 years old. I been a christian since the age of 13 years old. I have faced a lot of emotional hurt for Choosing God and my faith first over this world! I fight bi-polar depression alone. I don’t want drugs, or a therapist. I want God to heal me! I want God to take some time and help me to STOP crying myself to sleep nightly. To STOP feeling abandoned and alone in this world! God gave me a new job working with college students and already I was sent to HR for snapping at my boss for NOT telling me how the process works. My boss she is my age 36. Her name is Ms. Carrie Miller and at times she is lost too! I ask you to pray for her to NOT allow the stress of her new title Manager of the Information technology to not kill her!!

My simple request is this:

For God to restore the 3 years of time I lost due to COVID shutdowns!
My stolen money to return =$169,000
For God to heal my broken heart and soul.

Thank You!

Mr. Joseph Daniel Bahadoor