Dear St. Jude, please keep me healthy and safe always. My children are still very little and they need me. I fervently pray that you take away all my stress, sickness, worries, and fears that I have. Please don’t let me have any serious illness that would make my children suffer because their mother is sick. My family still needs me. Please keep me healthy and safe always. Please help me from all my burdens. I also pray for my siblings that they will always be healthy, happy, and safe. I pray for my sibling who always pick a fight at me and find fault in everything I am. I don’t know what I have done why I am being treated badly. I pray for all my bashers, all the people who doesn’t like me, the people I was not able to help, people who have wronged me but never apologized, people who have hurted me. I pray for all these people especially now that it’s Holy Week. Please cleanse my soul, my body, my mind, my spirit. I surrender to you all the people who are constantly bringing me down. Please keep all my children healthy, happy, and safe. I pray that my daughter doesn’t have any sickness like UTI or anything serious. Please guide them as they grow and develop. Please bless my children always and keep them safe always. Thank you so much. Amen.