Dear St. Jude, i pray for my children. They may still be little right now but I pray that they will grow up as fine, respectable, loving, caring, God-fearing women. Please continue to surround them with good people in their lives. Bless them with good friends. It’s so hard to find friends who has the same faith as them as most people here in the US do not have religion and are not Catholics. I pray that my children will not be separated from God all days of their lives. That they will be married to good men and will be good mothers, and daughters, and that they will love each other as siblings. Helping one another and looking after each other. Please always lead them to the right path, that they will always listen to their parents, continuously ask guidance from their parents, and will never forget to pray. Please bless them so they can make good choices in their lives. That their dreams will all come true. Please keep them safe always from any forms of evil. Protect them always and keep them healthy all days of their lives. Amen.