Please heal my body St. Jude. Please remove all cancer in my body. Please do not let me have cancer. Please have pity on my little children who still needs me. I fervently pray that God will bless me with more healthy years to be with them. They need me to guide, pray, support, care, and love them as they grow. Please do not let me have cancer please. If I am destined to get sick please do not let it happen now. My little children and my father who has cancer and elderly mom needs me too. Please have mercy. Please bless me with good health and safety and more years to live for my children and family. Please take away the discomfort and soreness I feel in my body. Please help me God. My children needs me. Please continue to heal my father too and don’t let his cancer spread in his body. Please make all our scans and checkups good. I lift all my fears and worries to God. I hope my prayers are in alignment to God’s holy will for my life. Amen.