THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ANSWERED PRAYERS MY DEAR ST. JUDE and all the saints I pray to everyday, Mother Mary, and all the faithful intercessors on this website who didn’t get tired of reading my prayers every day. I’m crying with too much joy right now after receiving the good news that my scan is normal and clear. I couldn’t express how thankful I am and I do not know how to repay God’s goodness in my life. Please continue to help, guide, and protect me in all my journey as well as all my loved ones. Please continue to bless me with a long and healthy life so I can be there for my children and my family. Please continue to keep my body free from any serious illness most especially cancer. Please take away all the pain and discomfort I am feeling in my body. Bless me with a lot of strength, good health, and more time so I can be with my children and family. Please help all the people on this website and everyone on earth who are lonely, lost, hopeless, sick, and are continuously fighting battles in their lives everyday. Please bless me with more jobs so I can use my talents and skills and be able to save money again. Please help me achieve my goals and dreams. Please heal my body and give me strength always to take care of my children and family. Amen