Dear blessed St Jude please help my younger daughter make her life’s most important decision that is whether to come to this country where i am living to study for Msc course OR now the married man (seperated from his wife long time before my daughter came into his life but living in the same compound in different house as far as i know of /has 2 kids ) has come back to her and she is not responding on to come to this country anymore or about studying- looks like she is undecided – she is in her mid thirties unmarried but a weak damaged woman from a broken family and it is a critical age for her lord – the decision she takes now will change her life forever – please urgently send your powerful miracles to help her decide and let it be your decision and not hers – please let it be the right one – please bless her lord -please let her get back her faith in God and in prayers and let all evil and evil friends and all the curses, obstacles move away from her lord. thank you for all your favours to her my dear St Jude distressed mother amen