Beloved St Jude. Please pray for me and bring me speedy help if it’s God’s will. I ask humbly for healing of my lungs, mind, and weight. Keep me in health body mind and soul.
Help me in my career and finances.
1. Resolve the Residency recognition in OEM. Lead me how to resolve that University of Michigan to recognize it and inform ABPM
2. WSMR McAfee to clear my name. Help and lead me to the way to do this. Let me be eligible to be rehired.
3. Help me be successful at Tinker AFB and be able to get back to work at Ramstein or LARMC. Help me resolve the issues with Flight Medicine.
Help my finances to finish the projects and to leave my family a good legacy. In Jesus’s name and with the prayers of the Theotokos and all the Saints especially Άγιος Φανούριος, St Anthony, St Nektarios, St Efraim and heavenly saints and angels. Amen 🙏☦️❤️